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 What is IPv6 ? :

World Airwaves is anticipating a major shift in the way business is done on the Internet given the upgrade of the IPv4 infrastructure to the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). The Internet as we know it today is based on IPv4, a three decade old protocol. The IPv4 based Internet is beginning to receive a major upgrade, with a new format established in computer operating systems for packets of data called IPv6 (also called the “New Internet” when referring to a fully implemented IPv6 network environment). The most commonly known limitation of today's Internet is the shortage of addresses.

One new feature of IPv6 is the vast increase of trillions of Internet addresses, resulting in what will seem to be almost unlimited Internet Protocol(IP) address availability. IPv6 will give users their own personal addresses per devise, which enables the potential for direct connectivity. Each user can know for certain whom the specific receiver at the other end is which in turn allows the system to check for service quality and much easier mobile use and roaming. Doing this today in the IPv4 environment is difficult and costly.

The advantages of IPv6 over the existing IPv4 are significant by providing greater security, mobility and networking capability. Specifically current firewalls and routers offer little protection once a hacker has broken through the protective wall. IPv6 connectivity facilitates multiple layers of individual security measures, IPv6 is also more secure for wired and wireless communications in part because positive identity is possible and in part because currently there are no known cases of spoofing an IPv6 address as occurs in IPv4. while being more secure, IPv6 will also provide greater access to mobile wireless online service, television and voice over Internet protocol(VoIP).

We have covered a few points on what IPv6 is, we will be adding more comments to provide a greater understanding of IPv6 in the future


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