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 Next Generation Commerical Services

Our IPTV Video over IP Service, which debuted at the USA IPv6 forum show this past May (2005) in Reston Virginia, is an IPv6 IPTV and IPHDTV video server. This operates using public IPv6 networks to transmit DVD quality real-time video. The company has traditionally been an Internet development group specializing in secure wireless networks for Police and Homeland security projects, but this new product moves World Airwaves clearly into the IP video market.

With the growth of broadband availability in North America we see that delivery of video content over the Internet is the next logical delivery method. With our new VLHDTV server and set top box. We hope to create another method of video content deliver other than cable or Satellite networks. Our IPv6 multicast servers have the ability to distribute DVD quality internet broadcasts to millions of viewers over the new Internet unlike current Internet IP video delivery that is costly and typically poor quality.

This new technology gives content providers the ability to have subscribers buy their content directly from the content provider. This allows for the content provider who normally relies on content distribution through satellite and cable networks to now market direct to the consumer. This elimination of the transport provider Satellite and cable networks will provide greater revenue to the content provider and lower cost to the Subscribers.