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Public Safety
With today’s focus on security, high-speed data communications are critical for public safety. Municipal police departments have been among the first to adopt citywide broadband data networks delivering secure access to central databases, photos, fingerprints and even live video.

World Airwaves currently provides Police Department's and Fire Department's with a secure, high speed wireless infrastructure which enables these department's to communicate through mobile computers in the field. This technology also allows the use of PDA's to communicate with mobile users in vehicles.

If your department is currently using CDPD or Cellular communications, then you know the restrictions you face with slow data transfer rates, the frustration of waiting for a simple image to load, and the fact that you cannot incorporate live video feeds to your people in the field. If your looking for high-speed data transfer rates, live streaming video, maps and image downloads in seconds, and much more, World Airwaves can provide your agency with this much needed and growing technology.

World Airwaves can provide you with a live demonstration using actual police vehicles that are currently using the high speed infrastructure in the field.

World Airwaves can provide your municipality with the same high speed wireless connectivity at a far less cost then other competitors. For questions, information, and a live demonstration, please click on the "Contact Us" button on top.