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World Airwaves is creating secure networks, this is essential if we are to get control over the constant threat of denial of service attacks, data and identity theft, credit card fraud and even more serious criminal activity.

IPv6 Franchise Data Networks:  
Our first franchise with a city to build a Next Generation Internet system is Harrisonburg VA. They will be the fist citywide deployment in North America. Our franchises and will act as a model for our expansion throughout the USA. This franchise will showcase how the Internet can go far beyond any of today’s expectations of our current Internet.

World Airwaves is focused on the incorporation of IPv6 (The New Internet) technologies into, Wireless Broadband and hardwire connections to this end we have developed the next generation of wireless solutions. Our innovative next generation native IPv6 multi-cast architecture will allow for secure fixed and mobile multi-megabit connectivity for IP-based voice, video and data applications...more
IPv6 Design/Build Data Networks:  
Providing design/build services to help cities and counties with their own networks.  To contact us about a private network, please fill out an information request so we can serve your needs better.